Friday, August 23, 2013

Ghetto Culture - Random Thoughts

Black people who defend ghetto culture are either wealthy enough to avoid it or they are perpetrators of the chaos. No one who lives in a community subjected to the crime, awful schools and bad business environment can ignore the problems. It is not comforting to hear it or easy to face it, but it is real. Deal with it.

Elites have the luxury of looking at the problem of ghetto culture from a distance. They can study the problem, discuss it and find lofty solutions that have little to do with the way people behave. Some defend this culture as a way to outwardly connect with their "blackness." It doesn't matter how many lives are destroyed by a broken culture as long as they are not called "sellouts."

They blindly deny the expansive gulf between the pervasive, toxic modern urban ghetto culture and decent black historical culture. One generation had Medgar Evers as an example of manhood. This generation has Diddy. Nice trade. (No, Hillary, it's not Medger.)

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