Friday, August 23, 2013

Ali Akbar - I Don’t Want To Have a Conversation About Race…

Forget a conversation, let’s have an understanding.

I’m an African-American (also Arab, bi-racial) who happens to be a conservative. It’s only relevant because it pertains to my qualifications on tolerance. See, I get to hear the harmful rhetoric from liberals who believe I’ve bleached my skin color in exchange for a lower tax rate and I get to hear conservatives, most of the time in ignorance, speaks to matters they do not understand.

Honestly, it’s led to a lot of pain. Not just for me, but for so many young African-Americans who don’t see the barriers of their parents and have all the aspirations that every child deserves to dream.

It curls my stomach when we start having these “conversations on race” because I’m forced to watch ignorance on display. If you were going to have an intelligent conversation with someone on a subject, wouldn’t you first make yourself familiar with the common facts? This isn’t done by most conservatives or most liberals.

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