Friday, June 14, 2013

The Black Conservative Civil War Debate - Chidike Okeem vs. ‘Rev.’ Jesse Lee Peterson

Chidike Okeem, a conservative writer, born in Nigeria, raised in London, England, takes on black conservative Jesse Lee Peterson on conservatism, racism, and slavery.
My Debate with the Cretinous ‘Rev.’ Jesse Lee Peterson 

Yesterday, I was on The Jesse Lee Peterson Show debating my article The Black Republican War at The Washington Times Communities. (I called it The Black Conservative Intellectual Civil War at the Hip Hop Republican.) Unlike some timid writers who duck interviews at hostile venues and hide behind their pens, I decided to do the interview with the fake, retarded “reverend” when I was contacted by his producer. Needless to say, it was very contentious, but the guy couldn’t hold a candle to me or any of my arguments. By the end of the discussion, my piece was barely touched, much less refuted.