Sunday, June 2, 2013

Robert Fortes - The Conscience of a Black Conservative

On April 29th I appeared on the WGBH talk show ‘Basic Black’, which is a program dedicated to discussing the social and economic issues of the day and how those issues pertain to the African-American community. During the course of the show I was asked why the African-American community and other communities of color should look to the Republican Party as an effective alternative to the loyalty those communities have been showing the Democratic Party.

 I have to admit here that at the time my response was not some of my best work, but as I left the studio and over the next several days I began to ponder the question more and more. I thought about my own ideological journey–how I went from being raised in a Democratic family to becoming a republican.

I thought about the historical shift that Blacks have made from the party of Lincoln to Democrats–the very political party that has historically tried to block every single social advancement African-Americans have tried to make in this country. As I thought about all of these things I started to formulate in my head the response I wish I had used on the show.

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