Sunday, June 2, 2013

Memento Mori

Anthony Rek, an Army Brat and conservative writer for The Daily Caller reflects on the meaning of Memorial Day. 

Growing up in the military, I learned that Veterans Day was meant to celebrate peace and those who returned from service to America and her values of liberty, justice, and honor. This November, I will celebrate my father, mother, sister, and brother for their service. As a point of distinction, Memorial Day commemorates sacrifice and loss: the ultimate cost of freedom.

In reflecting on the passing of warriors like Arthur’s father and son, we remember that all men and women are born to die, and what matters is the how and why of our ineluctable departure. We remember that our free Republic was built upon the ashes of dreamers and is maintained upon the hallowed dust of sacrifices honored. We remember that our lives are never solely ours, and our deaths are no more the bookend of our stories than our loved ones will allow.

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