Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Deroy Murdock- Why Black Voters Might Be the GOP's Secret Weapon

Based on ballot results and exit polls, here’s how Romney could have added 65 electoral votes to his actual 206 and advanced to the Oval Office.
Boosting black support from 4 percent to 5 and, consequently, white votes from 61 percent to 61.5, would have won Romney Florida. Virginia’s analogous black numbers were 6 percent to 9 and, among whites, 61 percent to 63. Lifting 3 percent black support to 5 and white votes from 57 percent to 58.6 would have clinched Ohio. Success in Colorado meant growing black ballots from 6 percent to 9 and whites’ from 54 percent to 57.5.
These 69 additional electoral votes would have totaled 275 and spelled President Romney.