Saturday, May 18, 2013

A.R. Bernard: "Righting" the GOP

A.R. Bernard the Founder, Senior Pastor and CEO of Christian Cultural Center (CCC) located in Brooklyn, New York, has some choice words for his beloved Republican Party. 

 My American journey has taken many twists and turns. From Panama, where I was born -- to Bed-Stuy where I moved at age four -- to my days as an entrepreneur and banker -- to my role as husband, father, grandfather -- and to my calling as an ordained minister leading the largest church in New York City with 37,000 congregants -- I count every blessing. I am also a committed Republican.

 But I am a Republican who has grave concerns about the GOP's future. What happened to the party of Lincoln? To the party that abolished slavery and championed a woman's right to vote? To the party of Reagan who ended the Cold War and revitalized a moribund economy? To the party of George H. W. Bush who passed the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990? What happened to the party of ideas? 

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