Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Margaret Thatcher Quotes on Apartheid"

Liberals are seeking to make Margaret Thatcher a racist and pro-Apartheid. The facts show she was opposed to apartheid and was not a racist.

"We believe that the objective for South Africa must be rapid progress towards equal human rights for all South Africans, Furthermore, we have strongly condemned the recent repressive measures adopted by the South African authorities.... [However] In my view, isolation will lead only to an increasingly negative and intransigent attitude in the part of white South African".

"The policy of apartheid, with its emphasis on separating peoples rather than bringing them together, and all the harshness required to impose it on the South African population is wholly unacceptable. Within South Africa, as in the outside world, there is a growing recognition that change must come. It is in everyone's interest that change should come without violence. We must work by fostering contact, not by ostracism. We must be ready to acknowledge and welcome progress when it is made, even when it may appear slow and inadequate. We must not drive the South Africans into turning their backs on the world. We need to recognise the immensity and complexity of the problems they face. We must encourage progress in working out solutions to those problems.

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