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Red Pill BRed Pill Black Drama - Why This Is Personal

Please be warned that this video is an unscripted rant about why I have a personal interest in the exposure of Red Pill Black - Candace Owens. It is very important that my subscribers know the personal reasons why I will never stop exposing this sociopathic liar!

Candace Owens, Who Thinks Racism Is All in the Past, Got Paid After Suing Over Racist Attacks

Candace Owens, Kanye West’s new bestie, claims that racism is no longer an issue—was that before or after her family won a lawsuit for $37,500 from the Stamford (Conn.) Board of Education as a result of racism? Perhaps the board should ask for a refund.

(The Root)  -  In 2016, Owens wrote an open letter to the Stamford Advocate sharing how racial slurs and death threats from classmates drove her to an eating disorder and therapy. In this open letter she said, “Those words destroyed me. I held my head high at school, but I went home and I cried every single night.” In another interview she told the Connecticut Post it took her seven years to move past the incident, “[When something like that happens] you become hostile. You become bitter.”

"Candace Owens (Red Pill Black) Is A Fraud"

Squatting Slav is a Serbian-Canadian YouTuber. According to his website, "his videos employ humor to expose the Left’s insanity, hypocrisy, and overall ridiculousness. He (many others) have some strong opinions about Candace Owens aka Red Pill Black. 

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George Ayittey - Africa's Military Scourge

George Ayittey speaks at San Francisco Freedom Forum 2012
Africa's Military Scourge

The Case Against Jordan Peterson

Closer examination, however, reveals Peterson’s ageless insights as a typical, if not archetypal, product of our own times: right-wing pieties seductively mythologized for our current lost generations.  
(New York Book Review) Peterson himself credits his intellectual awakening to the Cold War, when he began to ponder deeply such “evils associated with belief” as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, and became a close reader of Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago. This is a common intellectual trajectory among Western right-wingers who swear by Solzhenitsyn and tend to imply that belief in egalitarianism leads straight to the guillotine or the Gulag. A recent example is the English polemicist Douglas Murray who deplores the attraction of the young to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and wishes that the idea of equality was “tainted by an ideological ordure equivalent to that heaped on the concept of borders.” Peterson confirms his membership of this far-right sect by never identifying the evils caused by belief in profit, or Mammon: slavery, genocide, and imperialism.

Reactionary white men will surely be thrilled by Peterson’s loathing for “social justice warriors” and his claim that divorce laws should not have been liberalized in the 1960s. Those embattled against political correctness on university campuses will heartily endorse Peterson’s claim that “there are whole disciplines in universities forthrightly hostile towards men.” Islamophobes will take heart from his speculation that “feminists avoid criticizing Islam because they unconsciously long for masculine dominance.” Libertarians will cheer Peterson’s glorification of the individual striver, and his stern message to the left-behinds (“Maybe it’s not the world that’s at fault. Maybe it’s you. You’ve failed to make the mark.”). The demagogues of our age don’t read much; but, as they ruthlessly crack down on refugees and immigrants, they can derive much philosophical backup from Peterson’s sub-chapter headings: “Compassion as a vice” and “Toughen up, you weasel.”

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Naomi Campbell pays tribute to Mama Winnie

Akil Alleyne -- Martin Luther King: The Quest for the Promised Land, 50 Years Later

My reflections on Dr. King, his life, his struggle, the ways people use his image in the present day, and his legacy, half a century after his death.

Akil Alleyne's The Realist Libertarian channel:
 The Official Twitter {@Akil Alleyne}

Powerful [Conservative] think tank names first black female president

One of the most influential conservative think tanks has chosen its next president — and she could help diversify American conservatism.

(The Washington Post) -- Kay Coles James will become the first African American woman to lead the Heritage Foundation, an organization known for influencing powerful conservatives. James, who previously served in the administrations of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, will succeed Jim DeMint, the former South Carolina senator that the Heritage board ousted earlier this year.
“I'm honored that the Heritage board of trustees has asked me to serve as the organization's next president,” she tweeted following the announcement. “What we believe, what we develop, what we fight for — these are the policies that help people.”

“I look forward to expanding the conservative movement in a positive, inclusive way as we build an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity and civil society flourish,” James added.

Some conservatives hope that a black woman taking over arguably one of the most conservative forces in Washington — a week after black women dealt a President Trump-endorsed candidate a decisive blow in the Alabama Senate election — will change black women's relationship with the GOP.

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NOTE: The Washington Post headline Powerful pro-Trump think tank names first black female president is a complete mischaracterization of The Heritage Foundation's mission. Heritage is NOT Trump's think-tank. A perfect example of the divide between the two - tariffs. Kay Coles James recently came out AGAINST Donald Trump on tariffs -- her suggestion to Donald Trump: "Scrap the tariffs and return his focus to policies that will grow and invigorate the economy to the benefit of all Americans". Does this sound like a think-tank parroting the President's policies? No. It does not. The Washington Post should be ashamed of itself for attacking this black woman with such a misleading headline. They were trying to forever tar her with this bumbling and insane administration.

Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. 

The life of a prominent black conservative, Republican female attorney: Jewel Lafontant-Mankarious, Lawyer and U.S. Ambassador



Throwback photo-Attorney Jewel Lafontant Mankarious (pictured front row center) at the National Bar Association's Women Lawyers Division Annual Supreme Court Swearing-In Ceremony

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Norris Wright Cuney: The Black Conservative Warrior

CHASING A CAT'S TAIL: a biography of Norris Wright Cuney

Norris Wright Cuney, frequently referred to as N. Wright Cuney, was born on May 12, 1846 in Hempstead, Texas. Born the fourth child of eight children, his parents were a slave woman named Adeline Stuart and a wealthy, white planter named Philip Minor Cuney. Norris Wright Cuney, himself, was born into slavery but later freed by his white,
slave-owning father and sent North to be educated. (Maud Cuney Hare, Norris Wright Cuney: A Tribune of the Black People: Norris Wright Cuney;,Virginia Neal Hinze, Norris Wright Cuney[MA Thesis, Rice University]).

    Adeline Stuart, his mother, was of mixed race being African, European and Native American Indian. Philip Cuney was one of the largest landowners in the state of Texas owning two thousand acres of land and owning 105 slaves. He was an elected state senator who, in addition to fathering eight children with Adeline Stuart, married three white women who died prematurely in either childbirth or from disease.(Wikipedia) He did produce children from these unions. (Virginia Neal Hinze)
It might be argued that Norris Wright Cuney's skill as a politician was due to the gifts of beauty and brains which he inherited from both of his parents.(Virginia Neal Hinze) From his mother he inherited his dark-haired, black-eyed which were said to be more reminiscent of the people of Italy than of Africa. (Maud Cuney Hare) From his father he inherited his gifts as a politician and as a statesman.(Virginia Neal Hinze)

    Although born into slavery, Norris Wright Cuney was freed by his father in 1859 and sent to school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at The George B. Vashon's Wylie Street School for blacks until the beginning of The Civil War. He then spent some time in New Orleans where he became friendly with P.B.S. Pinch back who was elected Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana and who eventually became Louisiana's first black Governor. According to Wikipedia: "Cuney...entered into Galveston post war society as a literate, educated, mixed-race son of a wealthy and powerful white politician and landowner which gave him advantages." ( Norris Wright Cuney)

     As Galveston society rose, so did Cuney's career. In Galveston he met George T. Ruby who was the president of the Union League. Cuney studied law and was eventually appointed, himself, President of the Union League on July 18th, 1871 just days after he married Adelina Dowdie on July 5th, 1871. (Humanities Texas, Tex U Originals, Norris Wright Cuney; Texas Independence Trail, Region: Galveston. Norris Wright Cuney Historical Marker; Maud Cuney Hare: Norris Wright Cuney; Virginia Neal Hinze, MA Thesis)

    Although Cuney ran for public office several times he was always defeated. He ran for    Mayor of Galveston, the House, and the Texas Senate also. It was as an appointee, however, and as a dispenser of patronage that his stature within The Republican Party Nationally, and within the state of Texas grew. Amongst the positions he was appointed to were: Secretary of The Republican State Executive Committee; Sergeant-at-arms of the twelfth legislature in 1870; and between 1872 and 1892 he was a delegate to every Republican National Convention in Galveston. He was appointed: Custom's Inspector, Revenue Inspector, and as a Collector of Customs. In fact, according to, "the period between 1884 and 1896 in Texas is referred to as 'the Cuney Era' because of the number of political posts Cuney held throughout this period of time." (

    Cuney, in addition to being a politician, was a businessman and a union leader. In 1883 he organized The Screwman's Benevolent Society by purchasing $2,500 worth of tools and by organizing a group of skilled, black dock workers. Consequently, according to Wikipedia, " Cuney had the highest ranking appointed position of any African American in the late nineteenth century the 1890's more than 100,000 blacks were voting in Texas. He eventually rose to the Chairmanship of The Texas Republican Party and became a National Committee Man." He was also elected by Black Masons as the Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of Texas in 1875. (Norris Wright Cuney Grand Chapter- Eastern Star of Texas; Maud Cuney Hare; Virginia Neal Hinze;

    It was due to Cuney's prominence as a Republican Party member and leader within the state of Texas as well as the number of black men he had at his command and his belief in the equality of black men and his consequent disdain for segregation that the Lily-White Movement was born. (Maud Cuney Hare; Virginia Neal Hinze ) Cuney, himself, coined this term in November of 1888 when whites threatened by Cuney's influence, formed a white man's party in Houston. (Virginia Neal Hinze)

Sketchy Bongo & Shekhinah - Let You Know (Official Video)

How Peter Thiel's Secretive Data Company Pushed Into Policing

(WIRED) When Sergeant Lee DeBrabander marked a case confidential in the Long Beach drug squad’s Palantir data analysis system in November 2014, he expected key details to remain hidden from unauthorized users’ eyes. In police work, this can be crucial—a matter of life and death, even. It often involves protecting vulnerable witnesses, keeping upcoming operations hush hush, or protecting a fellow police officer who’s working undercover.

Yet not long after, someone working in the gang crimes division ran a car license plate mentioned in his case and was able to read the entire file. “Can you please look at this?” DeBrabander wrote to a Palantir engineer in an email, which was obtained by Backchannel in response to public records requests.

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'Race Realism': How Steve Bannon, Cambridge Analytica modernized white supremacy to elect Trump

“Race realism,” it seems, is a modern update on centuries of pseudo-science (the eugenics movement of the earliest 20th century, for example). It’s also been called “scientific racism,” and you probably won’t be shocked to learn this debunked mumbo-jumbo was also a key philosophical underpinning of Nazi Germany and its propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels. 

( -- There’s nothing real, or factual, about “race realism.” To the contrary, it’s the rank, old-school racial stereotypes about black- and brown-skinned people that once animated slaveholders, the KKK or the White Citizens Councils of yesterday, dressed up in Adidas sneakers and a hip-hop T-shirt instead of a white robe. 

What we’ve learned these past few days is a kind of a dystopian nightmare: That Team Trump, led by its multimillion-dollar data gurus Cambridge Analytica (CA) and the president’s former propaganda minister, Steve Bannon (with a still mysterious assist from Russian trolls), used the modern techniques of information warfare — and hijacked data from Facebook — to inject a virulent strain of thinly disguised white supremacy to elect an American president.

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Julie Lythcott-Haims -- "My Conversation with Peter Thiel about Apartheid… And its Unfolding Aftermath"

(Medium) -- One day I heard a rumor that Peter defended apartheid (which was then still the law of the land in South Africa), which I found morally repugnant. To know that a fellow student, a dorm mate for that matter, might defend such a brutally oppressive race-based caste system gave me the willies. But I wanted to give Peter the benefit of the doubt, so I mustered the courage to go to his room to ask him about it. He said, with no facial affect, that apartheid was a sound economic system working efficiently, and moral issues were irrelevant. He made no effort to even acknowledge the pain the concept of apartheid could possibly raise for me, a Black woman.

Needless to say, the chill up my spine didn’t go away that day; if anything my fear was now greater knowing I was living with someone who seemed indifferent to human suffering or felt that oppressing whole swaths of humans was a rational, justifiable element of a system of governance. The looming threat of a Trump presidency makes me feel the exact same way.”


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How did Hitler rise to power? - Alex Gendler and Anthony Hazard

Debunking White Supremacist Myths: The Barbary Pirates, White Slaves, and Racist Agendas

Davis wants to argue that since the Barbary pirates were not racist in their enslaving tactics (as they would enslave anyone who was not Muslim) then Europeans were not racist.

So this post is about the Barbary Pirates and the white slave trade. What the heck is that you may ask? Well from the 16-19th centuries there were some, more or less independent, states in North Africa (modern day Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya). These states together were known as the Barbary States and what they were famous for were the Corsairs. Basically these guys were pirates whose primary trade was to raid coastal towns on the European side of the Mediterranean Sea. They also raided ships and took as captives many white European men, women, and children. These people were sold into slavery, generally staying within the Barbary states and they were used for hard manual labor. I thank Wikipedia for this basic outline and the artwork.
There endeth the lesson, because what this post is about is the perception of white victimhood. Now let me talk about Robert Davis.
Robert C. Davis is a professor of history at Ohio State university and he has published a rather bold little book entitled “Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast and Italy, 1500-1800″.

The Atlantic slave trade: What too few textbooks told you - Anthony Hazard

Do Not Let Them Equalize In Order To Minimize Your Dissimilar Experience!

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that the Atlantic Slave Trade was characterless and garden-variety. It was not. It was uniquely barbaric in all of world history.

When you hear “African kings sold their black brothers into slavery” myth

When you hear “African kings sold their black brothers into slavery” argument remember (1.) African kings largely thought [tribally] NOT racially, and (2.) slaves were largely caught as WAR prizes; they weren't "their own", they were from another tribe. They were enemies.

Most of slaves sold by African chiefs were WAR CAPTIVES (other tribesmen). (cont)

There was representation of slaves, the freeborn and the nobility at the royal court in most African states. (cont)

Liam Hogan — The Abuse of History

Jason L. Riley’s co-option of Irish history in an attempt to gird his political and personal ideology is an abuse of history

This week a conservative writer at the Wall Street Journal named Jason L. Riley once again promoted his fantasy of a unique black pathology of victimhood and dependency, but this time he did so by favorably comparing African American “history” to Irish “history”. Riley is a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think-tank whose stated mission is to “develop and disseminate new ideas that foster greater economic and individual responsibility.” This helps to explain why Riley’s underlying message is essentially the “Irish slaves” meme (“the Irish were treated worse and got over it, why can’t you?”) in op-ed form. The only difference here is that he implies that it was Irish immigrants, rather than “Irish slaves”, who had it worse than chattel slaves and their descendants.

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The Black Mozart:Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier de Saint-George (1745–1799)

Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier de Saint-George (1745–1799), a musician, athlete, and soldier, was among the most fascinating figures during the years at the end of France's old regime and during its age of revolution at the end of the eighteenth century.


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Reason Europeans Erased Africans from History

Historian Robin Walker breaks down the difference between racial and self-esteem in the context of Africans being erased from history:

A Brief History Of European Colonization in Africa

George Hawley. Right-Wing Critics of American Conservatism. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas

The American conservative movement as we know it faces an existential crisis as the nation's demographics shift away from its core constituents--older white middle-class Christians. It is the American conservatism that we don't know that concerns George Hawley in this book. During its ascendancy, leaders within the conservative establishment have energetically policed the movement's boundaries, effectively keeping alternative versions of conservatism out of view. Returning those neglected voices to the story, Right-Wing Critics of American Conservatism offers a more complete, complex, and nuanced account of the American right in all its dissonance in history and in our day.

The right-wing intellectual movements considered here differ both from mainstream conservatism and from each other when it comes to fundamental premises, such as the value of equality, the proper role of the state, the importance of free markets, the place of religion in politics, and attitudes toward race. In clear and dispassionate terms, Hawley examines localists who exhibit equal skepticism toward big business and big government, paleoconservatives who look to the distant past for guidance and wish to turn back the clock, radical libertarians who are not content to be junior partners in the conservative movement, and various strains of white supremacy and the radical right in America.

In the Internet age, where access is no longer determined by the select few, the independent right has far greater opportunities to make its many voices heard. This timely work puts those voices into context and historical perspective, clarifying our understanding of the American right--past, present, and future.

George Hawley. Right-Wing Critics of American Conservatism. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2016. Pp. 366. $34.95 (cloth).

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The San People are 1 of the oldest humans on earth, who are indigenous to Southern Africa.

The San people are members of various indigenous hunter-gatherer people of Southern Africa, whose territories span Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The san are 1 of the oldest humans on earth, who are indigenous to Southern Africa.

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Walter Heasley — Killing Me Softly

Amanirenas - Queen of Kush

Amanirenas ( Queen of Kush)  effectively resisted an incursion by the Roman army, keeping the Romans from extending their Roman-Egyptian border into Kush.

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Akil Alleyne — No, Libertarianism Isn't a "White Supremacy" Theory

Born in Toronto, Canada and raised in Montreal, Akil Alleyne is a 2008 graduate of Princeton University and a 2013 graduate of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York City, where his major areas of study were constitutional and international law. He most recently worked for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a nonprofit organization that advocates for the civil liberties of free speech, freedom of religion and association, and due process.

One of the most frustrating things about being a libertarian is the likelihood that much of your time will be spent correcting mischaracterizations of the philosophy and the movement it spawned. Perhaps the most common calumny hurled at libertarianism in recent years is the claim that it is an ideology of white supremacy. “Libertarianism is for white men” is just one example of the headlines screamed by left-leaning websites such as Salon and AlterNet in the past decade alone. As Cato Institute vice president Gene Healy once wryly remarked, “Never before have so many been so intimidated by so few, with so little political power.”

Now comes The Baffler’s Andrew Hartman to join in the chorus of hysteria with his recent article “The Master Class on the Make: How the White Backlash Found Its Academic Bona Fides.” His central thesis? “Libertarianism is a political philosophy shot through with white supremacy. Public choice theory, a technical language nominally about human behavior and incentives, helps ensure that blacks remain shackled.”

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Chidike Okeem Takes on Ben Shapiro — 'Ben Shapiro sees blackness just as he sees leftism'

Chidike Okeem, the black conservative writer and thinker at VOICEOFCHID.COM takes on Ben Shapiro, a conservative activist.

Stevie Wonder ft George Michael - Love in Need of Love Today (Live @Apollo Theatre 1985)

One of the best duets of George Michael. Together with Stevie Wonder at the 80s, two voices powerful in every way, they sing this duet and please enjoy it, its amazing!