Wednesday, June 28, 2017

NPR interview - Chidike Okeem on black conservatism

Chidike Okeem is a writer, and an outspoken black conservative. He argues that mainstream American conservatism often traffics in anti-black rhetoric, and it forces black conservatives to join that refrain.

But Okeem also argues that liberal policies have been destructive, and he finds a distinct home for black conservatism that is solution-oriented. Okeem is critical of popular black conservative figures like Sheriff Clarke and Jason Riley, but says that there is a natural conservative fit for African Americans to find. And it starts, he adds, with telling the truth about white supremacy. Endlessly fascinating, Okeem is our guest.

You can listen to the entire NPR interview with Chidike Okeem, by clicking link below.

Evan Dawson, is the host of Connections on NPR's NY Rochester and Finger Lakes stations.