Saturday, April 1, 2017

Joseph C. Phillips ― My last conversation with Bill

 Joseph C. Phillips is an American actor, writer, and conservative Christian commentator. He is best known for his role as Martin Kendall on the long-running NBC sitcom The Cosby Show, and as Justus Ward on the soap opera General Hospital.
I will never forget my last conversation with Bill; it was the last time I saw him. Over the years, I have thought about that brief interaction. I wish it had come sooner. I wish it had played out in a more significant way and had ended in an invite to the townhouse. 
An invitation to Bill’s townhouse was a big deal – not everyone received one. I came close during my first year, but my big mouth and an ill timed joke ruined it. Bill and I were back stage talking when I said something witty. Bill laughed loudly and then commented that he was going to have to have me come up to the townhouse. I tried not to betray my excitement, but I was jumping up and down inside. Not satisfied with success, I immediately made some silly comment about feminist or something. Bill just shook his head and smiled. “No,” he said. “You’re not ready. Mrs. Cosby would toss you out on your ear.” That was the last I heard about the townhouse.
I do, however, wish that I had managed a deeper relationship with Bill. Although I wanted to, I never got to really know him and he didn’t know very much about me. Not much of a relationship at all, which is why I was a bit surprised at the offer Bill extended to me soon after the show ended.

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