Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Daniel Borchers ― The Conservative Case Against Ann Coulter

Is Ann Coulter really a conservative at heart? Or has she just convinced herself that she is one? At the height of her career, Coulter would become what she so despises, a bully and a snob. Ivy league schools have a reputation, however unwarranted, for social elitism and snobbery. Ironically, Coulter has actualized that characterization in her own life with the zeal of a vulture descending upon her prey.

by Daniel Borchers

Ann Coulter was the freshest Voice of Conservatism, or so I thought in the fall of 1996. Ann was passionate, articulate, and courageous in espousing her Christian faith and conservative principles. As Editor of BrotherWatch, a Christian conservative newsletter, I presented Ann with an Alamo Award (for being a courageous freedom fighter) in July 1997.

The Ann Coulter who began to fill the television airwaves in August 1996, was articulate, knowledgeable, impassioned, witty, and engaging.  

As a regular contributor on MSNBC from August 1996 till October 1997, Coulter courageously and effectively expressed her Christian and conservative beliefs. So much so that in those rare moments when she did engage in illogical and nonlinear thinking, they went largely unnoticed by me.

Ann’s debate with legendary liberal icon Jesse Jackson prompted my Alamo Award to Coulter. Noticeably tense, Ann nevertheless held her ground against Jackson’s racial demagoguery. Similarly tense during her first appearance on Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect, at the very beginning of her television career, Ann did not back down from at times intense engagement with her liberal foes.

During our 30-minute meeting in her office, on July 31, 1997, I presented Ann with her Alamo Award. Within just a few months, I would discover that this person I had placed on a pedestal not only had feet of clay and that a lack of character would be her Achilles heel.

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