Saturday, April 16, 2016

New Head of Black Outreach for Republicans: Trump, Cruz Need to Improve Tone

“Whoever the nominee is, we’ll support and be behind 100 percent. At the end of the day, once we get to the convention and once we have our nominee, I will definitely have to sit down with the nominee and his team and say ‘Well, how are we going to engage African-Americans?’

(Bold Global)

Telly Lovelace, who started last week as the new head of African-American outreach at the Republican National Committee (RNC), is well aware of the GOP’s enormous disadvantage heading into the November general election, but he’s certain he can make progress. The problem stretches back more than five decades; more recently, Mitt Romney earned just five percent of the black vote in 2012; John McCain earned a mere one percent in 2008. George W. Bush earned seven percent in 2004 and three percent in 2000.

Lovelace pointed out that while most African-Americans are not currently supportive of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, Lovelace sees the problem as one more of tone rather than overt racial bias. And when Trump first declared, Lovelace said many black voters seemed open to his candidacy.

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