Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tara Setmayer ― Super Bowl Diva: Has Beyonce Moved From Role Model To Raunchy?

As Beyonce takes the stage in tonight’s Super Bowl, am I the only one wondering what the hell happened to her?

(Bold Media)

Gone is the international superstar who shot to fame as a solo artist with pop cross over hits like “Crazy in Love,” “Upgrade” and “Halo.” There’s seemingly no trace of the talented hitmaker who made empowerment songs about girls running the world and single ladies.

Something has changed dramatically for Beyonce. What happened to the upbeat anthems fit for all ages? Since her wildly successful album “4” in 2011, Beyonce’s music has taken a drastic turn in both style and content. Rife with X-rated lyrics, overtly sexual images and off-the-charts arrogance, Beyonce has now resorted to telling “bitches” to “Bow Down” and introduced a generation of young women to what it means to have a man “Monica Lewinsky” all over their gown. Wait, what?

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