Monday, January 4, 2016

Ryan Frazier ― It’s time to reauthorize the Iranian Sanctions Act

Ryan Frazier is a candidate for the Republican nomination for Colorado’s U.S Senate seat. He is a small business owner, a former Aurora city councilman, and served five years in the Navy assigned to the National Security Agency.

(via The Colorado Statesman)

Many American’s are still asking the question: Why would the Obama Administration negotiate a deal that gives Iran, the biggest state sponsor of terrorism, hundreds of billions back into their economy? After 15 years the deal enables their expansion of nuclear weapons capabilities free and clear. Our goal was and should be the complete dismantlement of the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

During my five years in the Navy, I led an intelligence analysis and reporting center in real-time direct support of combat operations and our national security interests in the Middle East, North Africa and other areas throughout the world. I came to understand quickly, and was reminded repeatedly, that the Middle East is one of the least stable regions in the world. That was the case then and it has only grown more chaotic and dangerous over time.

There is real potential that, over the next 15 years, this deal may set off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. Countries like Saudi Arabia and Turkey are not likely to sit on the nuclear weapons sideline and wait while a door is opened for Iran to expand its nuclear capabilities. Mix despots, fanatics, terrorists, and anti-Western fervor with a nuclear ingredient and we have a toxic tonic. This is no time for naiveté in Washington.

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