Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Marjorie Romeyn-Sanabria ― Peggy Noonan Teaches The 27-Year-Olds What She Knows

The Afro-Hispanic conservative writer and newly named member of the National Interest editorial staff, writes a book review on Peggy Noonan's new book, The Time of Our Lives.

(The Daily Caller)

Peggy Noonan is retiring. Maybe not this year, or the next, or even in five years. But she is retiring, and her latest collection of columns, titled The Time of Our Lives, arcs beautifully in 430 pages. Not arranged in strict chronological order, it nevertheless traces a clear path from her time at CBS to the White House to the opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal. Lady knows a thing or two, and she wants to bequeath those things to the next generation.

Yet she conveys the lessons she’s learned and the experiences she’s had with such tough-minded humility and ineffable humor that it’s easy to forget that she told a president what she thought, and he actually listened. Even when she was disagreeing with others, she maintains intellectual charity in her writing that’s largely extinct from public discourse. Noonan senses this void, and many of her columns communicate an urgency to get the message of the importance of civility in controversy out there.

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