Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Juliette Ochieng — Still Dreaming

Juliette Ochieng, a black conservative author and blogger, writes about her brush with homelessness.

I’m homeless. Now before you start feeling sorry for me, know that I view everything as an opportunity from God. How I got here is a tiny bit important–house foreclosure plus bad credit which keeps me from renting—but if I were to abandon California and move to one of the red states where my relatives live, I’d be set. The reason I haven’t moved: I want to stay close to my church.

But this essay isn’t about that. It’s about seeing what the homeless go through.

For a bit, I lived in a relatively cheap hotel near my church: no TV, no coffee maker, nor any of the usual accoutrements, other than the twice-weekly cleaning. Not too bad. Then I stayed on the couches of a couple of friends. But when that became unworkable, I swallowed my pride and availed myself of the emergency shelter on LA’s skid row for three nights.

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