Saturday, December 5, 2015

Michael David Cobb Bowen — Why don't liberals like conservative black people?

via Cobb

Because we're assholes who know more about black people than they do and we dispute the veracity their worldview. Our persistent existence shortcuts the advantage they have in moral persuasion. Due to a typical lack of imagination, they must exemplify 'minorities' as victims of the system whose powers they seek to control. So they find loud minority individuals whose sentiments against the system they share and then extrapolate the net good that would accrue to all such victims would the electorate only hand over the reigns of power to their liberal vanguard.

Like gay men who truly cannot stand women, Muslims whose preferred laws are antithetical to humanism, and strong Christians who embrace secular pluralism, black Conservatives remind American Leftists of the failures of  the multiculturalist  agenda that has sustained their political popularity. But what truly makes them seethe is the fact that these factions owe them no particular debts, and have no reason to concede their power.  So they jump from marginal group to marginal group, ever seeking to convince. This tactic is called 'throwing a dead cat on the table'. Well if blacks are doing ok, what about migrant farmworkers? Well if the farmworkers are not called 'illegal' then what about transgenders? Well if Caitlin Jenner is ok, what about Syrian refugees? They are in a race to dominate the conversation by finding some example that is so horrific that it gives them the upper hand, because surely Liberals care more for such people. In this way they both gain a potential foothold in that newly defined 'natural' constituency and demonize people who honestly don't know and don't care about the impoverished natural sponge fishermen of northern Florida who have been put out of business by the evil Koch Brother's domination of the cellulose fiber industry.  And what kind of kitchen sponge do YOU use, my brother?

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