Monday, October 5, 2015

Joseph C. Phillips — Why Planned Parenthood?

In his latest article titled "Why Planned Parenthood," the conservative writer and actor poses the question, "Is it possible to be for defunding Planned Parenthood but in favor of supporting health services for poor women?"

"This week, I have asked this question over and over again: Is it possible to be for the defunding of Planned Parenthood and still be for providing health services to the poor? And if not, why not. Supporters of Planned Parenthood answered a resounding, No!. What they have not answered, at least not so that I have understood it, is: why not?  
If the issue is, as we are told, how to deliver health services (mammograms, STD screening, prenatal care) to the under-served, then it really shouldn’t matter who delivers those services. For some reason, however, there seems to be a belief (as unscientifically demonstrated by the answers to my question) that Planned Parenthood must exist in order to provide those services.Because Planned Parenthood is essential, they are therefore untouchable. The mere thought of cutting off government funding is cruel and unforgivable proof of ones disdain for poor women…even though one is for providing those same services via other vendors."
Read the full article HERE.