Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Patrice J. Lee — School's Out Because a District in Tennessee Can't Afford ObamaCare

Kids in a Tennessee county have a long break from school and can thank President Obama for that. First its state ObamaCare co-op shuts down and now a struggling school district in northern Tennessee has closed all three of its schools thanks to the costs imposed by President’s healthcare legacy.

Officials from Clay County, a small, rural school district, say that they are unable to raise the funds to comply with the onslaught of government mandates, but the un-Affordable Care Act was the straw that broke their back.

The budget is $9.5 million and there are around 100 students in the school district. Last year, the school board passed a plan to cover all school employees with health insurance in compliance with ObamaCare.

When new property tax revenue proposals were defeated, the school board voted to cancel classes. The county has apparently been struggling for a few years, but will completely be in the red in coming weeks with no new source of income. School officials are meeting with local officials to figure out what can be done, and they hope this will be a brief respite for students with classes resuming in November. Until then, the kids will be at home. I can’t imagine what parents are thinking and how they will scramble to provide childcare and supervision for the next three weeks – or longer.

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