Saturday, September 26, 2015

Reihan Salam — Is ‘white nationalism’ rising?

via The Dallas Morning News:

Fear of “white nationalism” is very much in vogue.
To Thomas Edsall, writing in The New York Times, the rise of Donald Trump is a predictable consequence of the fact that the Republican Party is “the home of an often angry and resentful white constituency,” which fears that discrimination against whites is a growing problem. Evan Osnos of The New Yorkerin a similar vein, seeks to explain the Trump phenomenon by viewing it through the lens of radical white nationalists, who warn that white Americans face cultural genocide as their numerical majority shrinks. Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalistargues that Republicans face a choice: They can build their coalition around a more inclusive libertarian vision, the path that he prefers, or they can follow Trump and redefine themselves as the defenders of white interests in a bitterly divided multiracial society.
Does Trump represent the ascendancy of white nationalism on the American right? I’m skeptical, for a number of reasons.

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