Thursday, September 24, 2015

Gwen Samuel — Randi Weingarten, you are not my sister

(via Citizen Education)

Last week I joined black parents from several states to attend the 45th Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Legislative Conference. To build community with these parents was empowerment at its peak. To see the CBC sell out its education community to the highest bidder was a big disappointment and a serious wake up call for us as active voters and Black parents.

As a black mom struggling to make a dollar out of fifteen cents, you know, trying to stretch a little income a long way, I don’t always get the opportunity to be in the room with a majority of Black educators and administrators to talk about being a black parent on today’s educational landscape. There are few places where I feel I can share my story and advocate for a just education for my children (and others) in spaces where people with power look like me.

I thought the CBC would be the best place to find fellowship with my people and speak truth to power. Boy, was in for a reality check!

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