Friday, July 3, 2015

Kristoffer Adam — 10 Reasons Donald Trump Will NOT Get My Vote

Kristoffer Adams, a self-described "urban conservative" shares his opinions on Donald Trump's announcement this week that he is running for president. Kristoffer is the former University of Memphis College Republican President. He is also the Outreach Director for CityGOP a group based out of Washington D.C. In his spare time he volunteers with SoGiv and Lifeline to Success.

"Tuesday an idiot entered the race to be the president of this great nation. I wondered aloud to my friends, “Why would he do such a thing?” Why would a pompous clown, a royal ass, pretend to be an actual presidential candidate? How many yes men does it take for this idiot to have the cojones to pretend to be a leader? I will attempt to not write a book about why Donald Trump, the 4-time bankruptcy champ, shouldn’t run for president.
  1. He does not know how to talk to people.On his show Celebrity Apprentice, he is seen berating men and women. Behind the scenes, he has been accused of much worse. Several women have brought up the fact that he has sexually harassed them off camera.
  2. We have seen this dog show before.
    Trump is a one trick pony. How can we possibly take him seriously as a candidate? He has pretended to run in 1987, then 1999, again in 2004, 2008 and most recently in 2011.
  3. He says our country needs saving while benefiting from all it has to offer.Tell me, in what other country could you wipe out your debt 4 times? Trump filed only taking a financial hit the first time. We are unique because we give people a chance to correct their mistakes and rebuild. Trump uses bankruptcy as a get out of jail free card. That I am sure is not how it was intended to be used."