Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Joseph Hunter ― How the Left Dodges Personal Responsibility

In his latest article, the black conservative writer makes the point that not only does the GOP have a problem when it comes to Donald Trump, but that the Democrats have an equally bad if not worse problem, when it comes to their current front-runner, Hillary Clinton.

(via. HipHopRepublican.com)

"Republicans have a problem in a candidate who will not win the nomination–Donald Trump. Democrats have a problem in a candidate widely expected to win their nomination–Hillary Clinton. This reality worries Democrats, because Clinton continues to run an embarrassingly opaque and inept campaign. Ron Fournier in National Journal writes a brutal plea to Clinton, laying the embarrassing elements of her bumbling campaign at her feet.
“We can’t make it any plainer,” Fournier writes. “You’re the problem, Hillary.”
Interestingly; amid falling poll numbers and a general worry among Democrats that Mrs. Clinton lacks the liberal credentials or ethical principals of her longshot rival, Bernie Sanders; Clinton rejects Fournier’s assertion, blaming her political misfortunes on institutional discrimination. Nowhere can Clinton’s reticence to accept responsibility for her perception be more visible than in her CNN interview with Brianna Keilar. Fournier remarks on Clinton’s interview, calling it cringeworthy."

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