Saturday, July 18, 2015

Joseph C. Phillips ― “Of Course Bill Cosby Is Guilty”

The black conservative writer and former cast member on “The Cosby Show,” breaks his silence:  "I love Bill Cosby!  Honestly, that phrase may not be enough to sufficiently describe my feelings for Bill. He was my boyhood idol. His influence on my life has been profound.  I owe much of who I am to Bill Cosby, so the idea of love seems to fall short of exactly how I feel.  It may be that I need more than one word: Adulation!  Regard! Devotedness!  And yet, I remain inarticulate.

While growing up, I watched everything Bill Cosby did. My father had several of his comedy albums; I memorized them backwards and forwards. Bill was one of two comics that I imitated and memorized.  Richard Pryor was the other. I owe my sense of humor to Bill Cosby.  However, for me, Bill Cosby was more than a comedian.  Bill was my idea of a great man – a great Black man!  He was good looking, talented, smart, and he was fearless. The Cos was a ladies man, but also good father and husband – devoted to his wife and children.  Bill was educated; he collected art and was fluent in jazz.  After my father, Bill Cosby was the man I aspired to be. Few get an opportunity to meet their idol, much less work with them. I was blessed in that regard, and even more blessed that I found my idol as clever, kind, and brilliant as I had imagined."