Thursday, June 25, 2015

Crystal Wright — The Stupid Party (GOP) and its Love of the Confederate Flag

Why does it seem more often than not that the Republican Party (my party) is on the wrong side of the debate? Instead of using the killing of nine blacks in Charleston, South Carolina as an opportunity to engage black Americans, the GOP takes time to defend the Confederate flag.

(Conservative Black Chick)

“The flag didn’t have a thing to do with what happened,” bellowed former Haley Barbour Republican National Committee Chairman and former governor of Mississippi. Coincidentally, Mississippi is the only state that uses the Confederate symbol in its state flag.
Dylann Roof is a white supremacist. He wrote a racist manifesto laced with bigoted rants about blacks, Jews and Hispanics, which he posted on his website. One the 60 photos glorifying the Confederacy he posted online includes a picture of him holding a gun and a Confederate flag. His love of the Confederacy and what it symbolizes, an economy and culture built on whites owning blacks, absolutely fueled his hatred of blacks.
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