Thursday, May 7, 2015

Shay Riley ― Is Hip Hop Good For the Black Community

This is a no-brainer. Oh, let me count the ways! A very shallow, coontastic musical genre (95% of it, at least) which utterly runs the once-rich black American culture into the gutter, taken a group of people from being America’s best dressers to grown men showing their underwear as a prison homage, promotes ghetto thuggery/murder/drug dealing/hoing as “quintessential” blackness, is misogynistic and objectifies women, influenced so many kids that now their every third word is a cuss word or the N-word, promotes rabid colorism and anti-black-women views in its videos, rampantly steals the beats of real entertainers, serving prison time is considered a badge of honor among rappers, and it lyrically has virtually nothing to offer except the same retarded ignorance. Besides, virtually all of the “rappers” (Kanye, Drake, Minaj, etc.) out now can’t even rap. Did I miss anything? 

Shay Riley, the founder of Booker Rising