Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ali Akbar ― "I’m one of those clean blacks."

Ali Akbar,  Republican political consultant and Tea Party activist has a message for fellow conservatives.

I’m one of those clean blacks.

Well, that’s how Democratic Vice President Joe Biden would describe me. It’s because I don’t speak with a “Negro dialect” as Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid would explain to you.

I’m articulate and I can speak on matters of politics that would make you want to pat my head. I’ve dined with billionaires, yelled at Members of Congress until they bent, and spoken at conservative conferences.

I’m one those blacks you can trust. So how could I possibly begin to write about what is happening in Baltimore?

Writing this piece was hard. To my predominantly conservative followers, what do I say? How do I express that I’m with you, but I need you to understand the plight that is happening in urban communities–black communities–all around the United States?

How can I convey to you that I need us–you and I–to be part of the solution?

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