Sunday, February 1, 2015

Nick Gillespie — "The GOP's Long Love Affair With Schmucks"

Why Republicans fall in love with inexperienced, no-hope candidates every four years.

The Daily Beast 

In the current climate, Donald Trump is haunting the Republican banquet like Banquo’s ghost, ghastly evidence that something’s not quite right. At the same Iowa Freedom Summit event where Palin fatally beclowned herself, the Donald hinted that he is considering a 2016 presidential run. Just like he considered a bid in 2000 as an independent candidate and one in 2012 as a Republican. And possibly running for governor of New York. Despite a long record of patentlystupid statements related to virtually every topic in politics (being an Obama birther is really the least of it), Trump has an all-access pass to Republican-friendly events and TV shows on Fox News. His Twitter feed is clogged with bizarre accusations such as this one claiming Barack Obama was going to declare martial law in New York City during Winter Storm Iola.

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