Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ross Douthat ― Conservatives and Structural Racism

Ross Gregory Douthat is a conservative American author, blogger and New York Times columnist.

"What black Americans no less than any other American group want is something more than mere redistribution (and the dependency that can accompany it; they want opportunity, independence, self-reliance within a supportive community, and the rest of the authentic American Dream. And here I do think there isan imaginable conservative agenda — which would integrate some of the issues mentioned above with pro-work, pro-family reforms to the tax code and welfare state — that might to do more in the long run to address the root causes of black disadvantage than post-Great Society liberalism has done. (I have some related thoughts onsocial liberalism’s impact on black America that I won’t go into here, because they’re a controversial sidetrack.)"

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