Monday, January 26, 2015

Oliver McGee, Ph.D. ‏ — Top Ten Policy Priorities of the State of the Union

As the president loads up his State of the Union shopping cart with policies and plans for helping the middle class at checkout, what policies do Americans want Obama and Congress to prioritize in 2015? 

With hopes of putting the GOP-controlled Congress defensively on its heels, the President signaled a number of proposals he plans to put forth, while focusing on a more optimistic stance on the nation's economic growth and job creation, producing a drop in unemployment, saying last week during a trip to Iowa, ”I’m going to focus on how we can build on the progress we’ve already made and help more Americans feel that resurgence in their daily lives, with higher wages, and rising incomes and growing our middle class.” 

However, a Pew Research Center survey conducted January 7-11. 2015 shows most folks in the middle continue to say they are 'falling behind' the cost of living, as 55 percent of families believe their income has diminished relative to the cost of living, compared to 57 percent a year ago in January 2014. Fewer families at 37 percent believe their income is staying about even in keeping up with the cost of living, compared to 34 percent a year ago at this time. Substantially far fewer families at 6 percent are optimistic about the economy to suggest their income is going up faster than the cost of living, compared to 7 percent of families having similar dismal sentiment about the income pinch they felt last year.

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