Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lawrence Billy Jones III ― The Elephant in the Room is Being Ignored by the Elephant in the Room

The other day I was cursing the internet when I saw a post from a Republican reacting to the situation happening in Ferguson. This person suggested that we further segregate communities in order to remove the potential for racist claims from the equation. She suggested that only black officers work in black neighborhoods, and that communities should “police their own ghettos.”

This made me furious, and furthermore it was one more drop in a bucket full of concern that I have when it comes to the Republican party.

The GOP has long suffered from a very nasty problem, and like most problems that are ignored, it continually gets worse as time goes on without an attempt at a solution. The sad part is that it’s not necessarily even a hard problem to solve.

In terms of community outreach, Republicans would score, at best, a D-. It’s one of the main components in winning an election, yet Republicans seem to have a knack for letting certain communities go unattended. In some cases, Republicans consider these communities as lost and have given up on them. In some cases they feel they don’t necessarily need them to win. Either way, they couldn’t be more wrong. 

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