Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dr Elaina George - Playing Politics Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

"Proponents of the Affordable Care Act are getting exactly what they wanted. They have declared victory because of the decrease in health care costs. What they fail to mention is the reason there has been a decrease is because people can’t afford to use their insurance due to high out of pocket costs. 

In this election season it is imperative to remember those who voted for this disaster without having read the bill; those who demonized people who raised valid questions about access to care, costs and rationing; and those who cried racism when valid points were raised about how the quality of care would necessarily drop because there was never enough money to subsidize a substantial number of the 30 million newly insured people. Those on Medicare need to remember that over 700 million dollars was taken from money that would have been used for their care to set up the unwieldy bureaucracy that is the underpinning of Obamacare.

 Obamacare actually doubles down on what makes the US healthcare system so expensive. The only change is the creation of a bureaucratic infrastructure that allows the government to centrally control the delivery of healthcare via regulations and compliance covered in the cloak of innocuous catch phrases like ‘meaningful use’, ‘accountable care organizations’ and ‘ a medical home’. Make no mistake what it all distills down to is control not health care. It is all about destruction of the doctor and the patient relationship and control of the healthcare choices that are allowed."

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