Friday, October 31, 2014

First Reads

Why is the CDC editing Ebola info on its website?

Black voters in the South are poised to play a pivotal role in November's elections

CBS News: House Republicans Could Look More Diverse After Election Day

Falling support for Democrats among Latinos and young voters could have an impact in Colorado: by

Democrats' chance of keeping control of the Senate continues to fall. Now at just 32%.

New Pew research data: cell respondents with out-of-state numbers lean D by 14 pts. Not in state RDD polls.

Apple quietly fixed iPhone 6+ Bendgate problem:

Greg Pasquarelli, on green building: "A tall building is a thousand times more important than hanging solar panels."

Very good piece on , conservative communitarianism, and the Ebola conversation:

Government, government, government.

WaPo named ex-WH volunteer cleared of prostitution charge, while key source for the story allegedly hired prostitute:

Students can now align their education direction with plans for after high school. Multiple pathways explained:

The Florida Times-Union Endorses Black Republican for Congress