Thursday, July 17, 2014

White Supremacy and the Immigration Debate

Chidike Okeem, a black conservative in California, argues that “some” the anger (not all of it mind you) on the right does have a "white nationalist" element to it.

He writes:

"One cannot witness the vociferous anti-immigration rhetoric that comes from the mainstream conservative movement today and conclude that there is no white nationalist element within the movement. While the current focus of these conservatives is on ending illegal immigration, that is just a precursor to their real objective: ending all non-white immigration to the United States. 

They are not truly concerned about social status, educational attainment, or the professional skills of immigrants. They care about whiteness and making America a white, preferably WASP, utopia. I continue to maintain that if illegal immigrants were white Britons and not Hispanics, illegal immigration would not be a political issue on the American right. Does this mean that every person who identifies as a mainstream conservative and vocally opposes illegal immigration is a white supremacist? Of course not. However, that does not mean that reasonable people cannot identify white supremacist themes that have become all too apparent in the mainstream conservative movement.

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