Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Black GOP staffer fired for Facebook complaint about primary opponent’s ‘white privilege’

The Hartford Courant reported that a Republican consultant was fired Thursday after she complained on Facebook about the “white privilege” of her employer’s opponent.
Regina V. Ross Roundtree had been in the employ of Penny Bacchiochi, a Republican candidate for the Connecticut lieutenant governor, until she wrote on Facebook that the “white privilege” demonstrated by Bacchiochi’s Republican opponent in the primary, Heather Bond Somers, turned off potential voters.
“People think what they think, but help the party out and don’t plaster your complete sense of privilege,” Roundtree wrote in the post, which has since been deleted. “This is an example of what is sometimes phrased as ‘white privilege.’ The way Heather [Bond Somers] talks. The arrogance and belittlement of Penny’s and her family’s feelings or any other person who has experienced racism. Our feelings or the fact that we may say something is an embarrassment to the party.”
When candidate Somers discovered that an operative for her Republican opponent had described her as possessing “white privilege,” she demanded that Bacchiochi disavow the “defamatory comments.

My reply: ...So the headline should read "GOP Staffer Fired for Honesty".