Friday, May 23, 2014

First Reads

Study: Black college grads have double the national unemployment rate
Before LBJ's Great Society, Fed. Govt. 5X smaller; trust in govt. 65%+; now trust in govt. 19%
The war we expect and plan for is never the one we’re called upon to fight:
: "To think that we don’t like the healthcare law because of race is ridiculous"
What young people make vs. what they owe in student debt:
Despite party label, if you dig deep, there is a "conservative" case to be made for Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
Republican Prudence
A burned out evangelical misses her God:
Can a 100 million Ballpark Village revitalize St. Louis?
Rangel vs. Sharpton via
Daughter of Jeremiah Wright Convicted in Fraud Scheme via  
An editor's life: "Chinese restaurants...who owns them?"
Is Brooklyn getting poorer?: At the median, yes, according to Daniel Kay Hertz: I recently ran across a post f...