Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lisa Fritsch, black Republican woman running for Texas Governor blast Ted Nugent

"I have always said I was called to this race because we are in a spiritual battle for the hearts and minds of America - not a political one.

It is sad, insensitive, and arrogant in 2014 for seasoned Christian conservative lea...dership to not know better than to keep company with a noted misogynist and bigot no matter how fervent his love of guns and the constitution. Greg Abbott is putting this election and the future of the Republican Party at risk when our general election opponent is a woman as key demographics are leaving this party in droves.

This is highly unfortunate and disrespectful of conservative principles and values." - Lisa Fritsch, Republican Candidate for Governor.

From her Facebook account:

Those of you who have followed my conservative commentary and talk radio career know that I have always stood up and told the truth even when it is uncomfortable and difficult. From Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, Jay-Z, the NAACP, and Barack Obama. You also know that I am not mean-spirited and I choose my words carefully. Two very important things to note:

1. I did not call Ted Nugent a bigot. I said he is a NOTED misogynist and bigot which means he has quotable words that define him as such.

2. This is not about Ted Nugent. This is truly about the future of the Republican Party. We have our heads in the sand if we do not realize how much trouble we face in the 21st century winning elections. Texas is in trouble; our party is in trouble. When will we start to understand this spiritual battle for what it is. Eph. 6

Lastly, if you believe I was right to call out Obama for Jeremiah Wright and I hit this hard in my book, then please do not make excuses here. If you believe I was right for admonishing the President for having JayZ to the White House because I said his misogynist lyrics sent the wrong message to women and young black males who listen to his music, please see that same heartfelt intention here. Being a leader is about more than being a politician. We are called to be Statesman and our children and our voters - who we are accountable to - are watching us to lead with character and integrity. The company one keeps and puts on a pedal is an important part of that.