Tuesday, October 8, 2013

'Key & Peele' Mocks Black Republicans

Comedy is a “weapon” of persuasion, which is why, despite claims to the contrary, many Liberals use it to attack political foes. As the Republican Party tries to engage new diverse voters, expect liberals  to use it even more in the future. Believe me when I tell you, an ethnically diverse conservative movement is not in the Lefts long-term interest.

What better way to keep African-Americans and Hispanics “in their place,” including women, than by ridicule, embarrassment, and/or humiliation tactics? The video below is perfect example of this. The goal…use ridicule to create conformity. In this particular case, liberal conformity. 

Unfortunately, by the GOP not [seriously] addressing the problems associated with outreach they  give credence to these forms of attacks.

Black = Democrat and White = Republican.  If you want to be a black Republican, then you must want to be White.  

Ya dig?

 *insert major eye roll*.