Thursday, April 4, 2013

HBCUs Targeted in Republican Party Outreach

Dr. Robert Ford, a professor of chemistry at Texas Southern University and an advisor to the Young Conservatives organization at the Houston-based historically Black university, says the Republican Party “has not been attentive to the image that it has been built over the last 10 years.”
Following last fall’s presidential election, which saw President Barack Obama with the
overwhelming support of minority voters defeat Republican Party candidate Mitt Romney, Reince Priebus, the Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman, commissioned a report to outline a new strategy for the party.

Last month’s unveiling of the 97-page Growth and Opportunity Project report proved momentous, according to political observers. Columbia University journalist and political analyst Thomas Edsall characterized the GOP report as “an extraordinary public acknowledgment of internal discord and vulnerability, which has intensified the battle between the deeply committed conservative wing and the more pragmatic, pro-business wing for control of the Republican Party” in The New York Times.

The report’s assessment of Romney’s candidacy and the Republican Party’s appeal among minority voters in 2012 was blunt. It noted the party is in danger of “marginalizing itself,” and that without undergoing major change, “it will be increasingly difficult for Republicans to win a presidential election in the near future.”

“Unless the RNC gets serious about tackling this problem, we will lose future elections; the data demonstrates this. In both 2008 and 2012, President Obama won a combined 80 percent of the votes of all minority voters, including not only African-Americans, but also Hispanics, Asians and others,” the report states.

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